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Warranty Information

Warranty Information

With proper treatment all our plants will survive and thrive. Since we cannot control all the different planting methods, handling, soil conditions, climates or care, we offer a seasonal limited warranty.

If Tc Nursery plants the warrantied item, we will replant a one-time replacement for the item at no cost to the homeowner.
If the customer plants the warrantied item, the customer is eligible for a merchandise credit of 50% of the invoice cost.

Warrantied item must be accompanied by receipt/invoice and proof of dead plant.
All warrantied items are given to the original buyer only and are subject to inspection.
Warranty is void if there is an outstanding balance on customers account.

Warrantied items do not include: perennials, roses, sod or customer’s plants that have been transplanted. We do not warrant against losses due to neglect (this includes over watering and under watering), acts of God, vandalism, mechanical or chemical injury, pest damage, frost, drought or animal browsing.

Customer responsibility: We expect anyone experiencing problems with their plant material to call us without delay. This will allow us to work with you, to correct any problems that may exist in the care of your plants. Often we can avoid replacement by adjusting care methods.