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1 General landscaping care and maintenance 

1.1 Does TC Nursery provide design and layout advice for homeowners interested in landscaping?

They will provide a concept design and best layout arrangement using current design programs such as PRO Landscape®. The program uses a photo of the homeowners property and Chris will arrange shrubs and trees that will work the best with the houses design, the proper foliage for that area, as well as keeping the ideas of the homeowners in mind.

1.2 How many different types of trees & shrubs does TC Nursery offer? 

TC Nursery offers 30 to 40 varieties of trees and carries almost 200 varieties of shrubs & bushes on location. They are also available to order in any special request that a homeowner would be interested in.

1.3 After planting a new tree, is there a noticeable timeframe whether the tree will be successful or not? 

“Usually the odds of a new tree dying is a very slim chance under 1%, unless it’s not watered. If it’s gets too much water the plant will slowly decline and will be noticeable by the foliage and the way the growth is on the tree. The winter is always a hit or miss and in early spring the tree will show what damage it has taken over the winter. About a year or two for most trees is about average.”